Vegetable Tannin based Flocculant for Waste Water Treatment

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A ecologically correct concept of flocculation.


Vegetable Mimosa based Flocculant

TANFLOC is an essentially vegetable originated low molecular weight cationic organic polymer and act as : Coagulant, Flocculant or Auxiliary flocculation agent

Product Specification:

  • Physical aspect: fine hygroscopic Powder or liquid in 10%, 15% or 20% solutions
  • pH ( aq.sol 10% w/v) 1,8 – 2,7


  • TANFLOC acts in colloidal systems neutralising charges and creating electric bonds between particles, making them unstable, producing flock and causing their sedimentation.TANFLOC does not alter the pH of the water being treated because does not consume the environment’s alkalinity and at the same time effective in a pH schedule from 4.5 to 8.0.


  • TANFLOC can be used in the original liquid form or in a diluted solution form, alone or combined with others flocculant agent, like Aluminium Sulphate, Iron Chloride, etc..
  • TANFLOC is recommended in the following application fields:
    Waste water of metallurgy, pulp and paper, Tanneries, food and chemicals industries, in primary or secondary treatment plants. Petrochemical waste waters, on the secondary treatment of integrated systems. Ceramic industries, to enamel recover and clay separation.

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